web design price in kenya

website design prices in kenya vary depending on the functionalities,most websites start from ksh ksh 10,000 to an excess of a million ksh

There is no cheap in web design unless you are working with a riveroad developers who are always elusive and changing positions depending on how they feel,

we at brimmatech offer affordable website designs starting from ksh 15,000

dont fall for the cheap freelance developers who you may meet in restaurants ,they collect deposits and leave

Most of them are unqualified and have just watched a couple of youtube videos and convice themselves they can do a website


Brimmatech offers support for a month from there we can agree on payment terms,you can either pay monthly or per task

NB:technical errors are solved free of charge we dont charge anything

when you invest in unqualified developers who lack work ethics they leave you in wilderness with no support.

Such circumstances may lead to losses of unknown values in todays time.

With changing technologies whether you are in or not we support you online


Covid 19 has relay affected most businesses we care for you stay at home we vcan offersupport and website design services online via zoom.

we can solver all your web problems   either you are local or international business