hotel management system kenya

OUR hotel management system kenya IS DESIGNED FOR  small or medium sized hotel, resort, restaurants & motels to help them in managing the hotels and restaurants effectively. We offer the best business solutions and services to all who belongs the hospitality industry.

hotel management system kenya

Hotel Management System in kenya it is a Windows desktop application, created with C # and MySql. Perfect solution to manage accommodation, hostels, hotels.

Hotel Management Software System is an automated management system that aims to simplify the task of managing hotel operations and functions. If you are a person with an entrepreneurial mindset this system is ideal if you want to put up a small hotel business. This system allows guests to make direct reservations and bookings by calling the front desk. They can also do walk-in reservations and bookings if they have free time to check the availability of rooms.

Hotel Management System is a ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server based web application that allows you to manage residential hotel business.

Hotel Management System with booking management, Now Reservation is easy to book and commission free booking engine.

Benefits of using Hotelitech

  1. Customizable roles & permissions allows easy access control for multiple users.
  2. Unlimited resources (Room, Tenant & Staff) can be added, viewed, edited & removed ensuring a scalable solution.
  3. Summarized information can be accessed instantly in the dashboard.
  4. Error & hassle free money management regarding utility, expense, invoice (rent) & salary.
  5. Easily upgradable and advanced engineering to ensure security & user friendliness.

Main Features


  • Customers
  • Departments
  • Designations
  • Employees


  • Rooms
  • Floors
  • Amenities
  • Expenses
  • Services
  • Price manager
  • Regular price manager
  • Housekeeping


  • Expenses Category
  • Housekeeping Type
  • Payment methods
  • Payment Types
  • Services
  • Room Types
  • Currency