POS System in Kenya

POS System in Kenya


POS System in Kenya

 A point of sale system, or POS, is the place where your customer makes a payment for products or services at your store.

The pos with mpesa can work both online and offline with the feature to synchronize all the sales and customer data of the offline store with the online store whenever going online. The module plays a vital role in increasing the day-to-day sales by having a management system to manage online stores along with the physical stores.

Point of sale in Kenya

POS Desktop App POS plugin along with world first POS Desktop Application.

multi store Point Of Sale application. This system comes with user friendly interface and built with minimal features. Now you don’t need to use separate point of sale application for separate store.

Main Features

  1. Easy POS Interface
  2. Customization receipt template
  3. Intallment (EMI) Sales
  4. Multiple Stores Feature
  5. Multilingual Feature
  6. Complete Accouting Solution
  7. Barcode Scanner Supported
  8. POS Printer Supported
  9. Generate Quotation
  10. Put order in Hold
  11. Add New Customer from POS Window
  12. Due Managemment System
  13. Discount System

restaurant pos software in kenya

The Best App Restaurant POS App

This is the best restaurant app which allows restaurant owners to grow up their business on a digital platform to synchronize their activities easily.

restaurant pos software in kenya
restaurant pos software in kenya

Innovative Retail Store POS, Billing And Inventory Management Software

The process of manually creating a bill for every sale with the corresponding changes being made to the inventory records, is not only tedious but also time-consuming. Above that, the when humans are involved

Key features of the application

  • This application is for the android platform in which you can manage all orders easily on your mobile, tablet or hand held devices.
  • This application will work well on tablet or big screens devices which are generally used in restaurants.
  • We have integrated the SDK of printer which can be connect with any bluetooth POS Printer.
  • In this app owner can take order of the customer with the given food list and save it for future references.
  • We have made the admin panel for the owner of this app who will add the categories, food, etc. to the panel.

point of sale software for small business in kenya

  • Our Target audience is who don’t like complex system.
  • Super User friendly interface.
  • You can manage multiple store using this single application.
  • No need any previous knowledge about POS System.
  • No need any technical knowledge
  • Clean and Professional design.

Main Features

  • Add User, Manage users
  • Stock Items ,Items List,
  • Sales Register with barcode scanner
  • Receipt Print
  • Sales Reports
  • Payment Report
  • Graph chart
  • Profit/loss chart
  • Pie chart
  • Bar-code creator
  • System Configuration
  • Data Backup
  • Due Manage

android pos kenya

android pos kenya
android pos kenya

Smart POS is a very useful offline point of sale application for android mobile device. By using Smart POS, you can easily maintain your all kinds of products and store all sales records.

pos system price kenya

Its a sales inventory system integrated with a complete double entry accounting system. Best suited for small or medium business for sales, sales return, purchase, purchase return. Those journals will post automatically in the accounting system. Also, you can post your other journal entry.

  • POS Operations
  • Inventory Management: Replenishment & Order management
  • CRM: Loyalty programs, Offers & Coupons
  • Financial Accounting
  • SMS and Email Integration
  • Supplier Information
  • Customer Information
  • Cash Delivery
  • Cash Collection
  • POS Invoice
  • Sales Invoice
  • Barcode Generation

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