hotel management system kenya

hotel management system kenya

A hotel management system is a  software that enables a hotel or group of hotels to manage front-office capabilities, such as booking reservations, guest check-in/checkout, room assignment, managing room rates, and billing.

Hotel Management System kenya with booking management, Now Reservation is easy to book and commission free booking engine. Many features available like In-depth analysis, multi language support, rooms and price manager and many more. Our booking engine offers your guests a quick and smooth reservation experience requiring minimum efforts while using their PC, smart phones or tablets. Generate higher revenues by allowing your guests to avail special offers, promo codes and ability to do room bookings. It is made on Codeigniter Framework with MVC Architecture.

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Technology in the hotel industry continues to progress at a rapid pace and the Hotel Management Program (HMS) remains essential for hoteliers looking to improve their business management. With software, hotel operators can streamline their management processes and improve the overall hotel management system.

Administrator can manage room types, hotel rates and booking options. Powerful administrator panel and online reservation manager at the back-end includes invoices and reports functionality. Visitors of Hotel Site will be able to search rooms availability with an online booking reservation system. They also could view rooms inventory, check availability and book reservations in a real-time.

Some of our clients include MADOLA HOTEL IN KASARANI


    • Automated booking engine for single hotel .


    • Assign unlimited number of room with combination of Room type and capacity.


    • Assign unlimited Room Type. i.e. Deluxe Room, Standard room.


    • Assign unlimited capacity. i.e. Single, Double, family.


    • Day Wise (Mon to Sun) price plan entry with regular and different date range.


    • Advance Payment (%) of total amount can be set month wise.


    • Active Booking list with cancellation feature and Booking history list.


    • Room Blocking in particular date range. i.e. booking from desk and phone blocking feature will be use.


    • 12 months calendar view of room availability.


    • Any currency support, different date format,  hotel  time zone setting,  minimum night booking setting,  price with tax and without tax setting.


    • Three Payment gateway integrated: PayPal IPN, Manual:  Pay in Arrival, Offline Credit card.


    • Offline credit card payment gateway (valid credit card will store for booking confirmation , not charge real-time.).


    • After successful booking email  notification both hotel owner and customer  with invoice.


    • Confirmation and cancellation email content can be edit from admin panel.


    • Multilingual feature for admin and front-end both.


    • 16 Language Integrated


    • Language add-on option


    • Admin menu add/edit


    • Room Type Image Upload


    • Booking list search by date range


  • Home  page widget for last 10 Booking, today check-in, today check-out.


The Hotel Site script is an excellent tool for:

    • Online hotel management and reservation


    • Can be used on any website offering bed & breakfast


    • Hotel reservation system with real time availability


    • Automated booking engine for Multiple Hotels


  • Integration booking engine with existing site

A Short List of Features

    • Hotel management


    • Rooms and Room Types management


    • Default and weekly day prices for rooms


    • Bookings management and history


    • Bookings statistics


    • Admin booking possibility


  • Integration with external sites

Hotel Management System it is a Windows desktop application, created with C # and Sqlite. Perfect solution to manage accommodation, hostels, hotels.

When you buy you get the complete source code as shown in the screenshots Full source code included Full Documentation You will get C#.CS files, windows design, SQLITE DB file Database


Hotel Management System is a ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server based web application that allows you to manage residential hotel business. It help you to manage your Guest, One-click guest check in/check out, Reservation, Hotel Billing, Food Services Etc. The system interface is very user-friendly.



hotel management system kenya

    • Customers


    • Departments


    • Designations


  • Employees


    • Rooms


    • Floors


    • Amenities


    • Expenses


    • Services


    • Price manager


    • Regular price manager


  • Housekeeping


This project focuses on the complete management of a hotel reservation / booking system. This application tried to cover all the operations take place in any residential hotels. Rooms, booking / reservation, room type, guest management etc everything is covered.


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