Why brimmatech is the best website design company in kenya

Most website design companies in kenya dont offer what they promise on talk or paper which should worry you

Kenyan clients are mostly attracted by cheap website designers offering their services from as low as ksh 5000 but what they forget is that you get what you pay for.

The most important thing to understand is that when someone charges cheap its because you will have to keep up with alot of unreliability the below are are some of the misfortunes you are going to face:

These are the problems you get into :

  • Your website may use nulled themes which may contain antivirus
  • Lack of support and not picking calls interms of updates
  • Your domain might be an add on domain no cpanel
  • Static non responsive website (not mobil friendly)
  • No abiding contract
  • Going silent on client before finishing work

We as brimmatech start with abiding contract which can be presented in a court of law, we also ask for commitment fee so as the client doesn’t go silent on us


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